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  • you know those really attractive couples

    yeah, those

  • Texts are more than words

    For months on end I saw

    I saw you on the phone

    Through texts and messages

    A new lover was born


    But here-


    You stand alone, waiting

    Waiting by your phone

    The footsteps in front of you

    Remind you of your own


    You whisper sweet nothings, unaware

    Only through the telephone

    But now we meet face to face

    I love you to the core


    I reach to touch your hand

    The hand I’d dreamt of touching

    But suddenly, something cold

    A pane of glass, perhaps?


    I look upon the transparent

    Telephone screen

    In front of me, only

    To realise why


    You’ve been waiting

    Waiting for a call

    But not mine

    You’ve become a subordinate


    I place down my phone

    And look into reality

    Me and only me

    It has been me the entire time


    Your words were more than words

    They meant more to me

    They were the whole of you

    the you i built

    the you you were to me



    A poem by me, about falling in love with what you perceive someone to be when talking to them online 

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  • "yes, I’m probably too young to love. But every time I think of you I wish we could have had a way to be together. Every time I hear your voice, shivers erupt down my spine. Every time I try to love again, there’s only you."
    From my short story, Remember
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    Rihanna in Tush Magazine #2 photographed by Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold

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  • Great night #teamsix

  • Sick and tired of liking you.

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  • welcome to the artRAVE

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